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Movie: Tron: Legacy

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Movies
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So this is just my opinion. I know a LOT of people who enjoyed this movie, but unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. Keep in mind, I’m a guy who loves originals and good plotlines. I like 90% of the movies I watch.

I honestly thought it sucked. They said that it didn’t have a great plot (I agree), but the visuals would make up for it. I sat there with my 3D IMAX glasses (spent around $18.50), and I couldn’t find a good reason to have them on. It’s not that I don’t like 3D IMAX (I saw James Cameron’s Avatar and liked the visuals), but I thought this movie could be watched in regular 3D for the same effect.

Now read this part only if you’ve seen the movie: (well, I’ll try to not reveal much)
I thought the beginning of the movie was pretty solid, although I was creeped out by the younger looking Jeff Bridges. It had a nice setup. The whole virtual world, especially the disk and cycle battles, was visually stunning.

After that, it kind of falls apart. [Side note: They had a freakin litson (fried pig), and they didn’t even eat it!! Filipino RAGE!] For a movie that boasts eye candy, there wasn’t much to see after the games. I mean, “oooo!” whitish and grayish lights for the battles, but then it just felt like the seeing the same thing throughout the rest of the movie.

The ending also left me heavily unsatisfied. There was enough action leading to the climax that I expected an epic boss battle at the end (My RPG senses kicked in). But there wasn’t much. I would’ve loved to see something like a transformation into a Sark 2.0 and a memorable defeat.

That’s what this movie lacks. There weren’t any memorable lines. And even when the movie tried to be funny or cliché, it didn’t appeal to my senses. It had random plotlines that make you feel like you should just accept what’s going on rather than understand anything.

What sucks even more is that the program Tron doesn’t play a big role in this movie. Yes, he appears, but why have it named Tron if he’s going to be in it for a few minutes? In the original, he at least helps Flynn take down the MCP. Maybe it would’ve been cooler if Sam wrote the program Tron beforehand, then have it help him throughout the movie?

And yes, I agree that Daft Punk provided an amazing soundtrack. But OMG, there was a freakin guy dancing in his seat for the whole 2ND HALF OF THE MOVIE!! To the guy who was shaking around in the Edwards in Mira Mesa on Dec. 21 at the 10:00 showing….F*CK YOU! It was cute the first minute, but the last HOUR?? You were like a pimple I wanted to pop while watching the movie!

To the animators and creators of the special effects, I applaud your effort. You did an amazing job creating a unique atmosphere. It’s going to take more than that to win a nerd like me over though. If you’re going to pay homage to the original, do it right (like enlivening Sam’s boring transport into the mainframe) =P

Disney, stop ruining the things I love like trying to reboot Tron…and making Prince of Persia into a movie…and buying Marvel. UGH! Is there no end to your tyranny??

Rating: Rent it!


Rating: Rent it!