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Kirby’s A Little Too Happy

Posted: September 27, 2010 in video games

I’m excited for the new Epic Yarn game coming out on October 17, but not THAT excited. What’s worse is that he’s peeking out of a curtain making it seem all the more suspicious…like a flasher!! Nintendo sent this picture to gamers through e-mail.

Maybe our minds have been too much in the gutter, and it’s almost impossible for us to get out (or I could be the only one. In that case pardon my immaturity). ANYTHING could seem like a phallic symbol. Ever see the box art of The Little Mermaid VHS? Google it.

Now if you look closely, something in that kingdom looks a little stiff. I actually own the VHS with this pretty picture before they “circumcised” it. =)

Seriously, what happened to Kirby??



Cease & Desist Strikes Again

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Legal, video games

You can’t get anything free nowadays. Not even free information.

In May 2009, I was so bummed to find out that the creators of a truly awesome sequel to Chrono Trigger called Crimson Echoes received a Cease & Desist letter from Square Enix saying to eliminate the production. Chrono Trigger happens to be one of my favorite games. Even the looked down upon Chrono Cross made its way into my all-time favorites. Crimson Echoes tried its best to explain the ties between the two…since a lot involves a lot of crazy connection. Much like what Kingdom Hearts is doing now. The game was 98% complete. =(

I sat through the whole 90 Youtube videos of the playthrough posted under the user name CE Memorial. I would’ve truly loved playing it. =(

AND NOW, Nintendo strikes at Pokémon fan sites. By now you probably know what the top three Pokémon look like. I believe this is all we’re going to get now until the game officially comes out for North America. I’m glad to say I saw the images of all the Pokémon before they sent out a letter saying that all images regarding Pokémon Black & White be taken down. Yes, there will be an ice cream and a chandelier Pokémon. Hahaha.

Now I’m left with a blank page of names. Like I was going to get the ROM…I’d actually buy the game. At this point, I think anyone who’d download it would just want to play it for a few hours, use a Gameshark, then quit. The true fans would buy, play, trade, and catch all 649….Then wait for Pokémon Gray. Which I’ll most likely buy. Mwahaha!

Read the full letter here:

And if you’re a Chrono freak like I am, you can watch their game here:

Live-Action Pokémon Movie??

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Movies, video games

This ain’t no rickroll.

SOOO it looks like no one learned from Dragon Ball: Evolution and The Last Airbender. Cartoon live-action movies SUCK BALLS! WHAT?? The trainer looks like he’s in college? And there’s a gun??? Yes, because Pokémon in real life will obviously cause mayhem and violence upon the world. They are lovable creatures…Ok maybe about 100 of them. The trailer itself looks sketchy (apparently it was 30 seconds of a 3 minute trailer), and the details are unknown where this was aired and who is producing this. But please do us all a favor and destroy this. I mean, secretly a small tiny part of me wants to see it, even though it looks horrible, but I know I’ll just hate it.

OMG, if this actually does happen, I’ll probably throw up, then eat my throw up just to throw up again. Glad thing I didn’t watch the Last Airbender. (O_O)

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Real Life, video games


I read this article today, and it made me think a lot about life. We keep thinking that life will last a long time, but we just never know what might happen.

Brian Wood, a 33-year-old designer for Relic Entertainment, was driving home with his wife when a 21-year-old woman, believed to be under the influence, struck his car coming from the opposite direction. His wife, pregnant, sat in the passenger seat, and Wood swerved his car to put himself in the path of the other car. He unfortunately lost his life with this heroic act. His wife and unborn baby survived.

It’s stories like these that make me wonder if I could sacrifice myself like that…to put myself in front of danger knowing that I might die. Would I be able to make a split-second decision like that? I mean it’s so easy to do in video games without a second thought since we can learn what we did wrong if we die, restart the level, and try again.

I can probably think about it all I want, but when the time comes, I trust and hope that I’ll do the right thing. Brian Wood, your story is definitely an inspiration to us all. People like you are the true heroes of life. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

If you want to help his family with donations, here is the Brian Wood Memorial Trust:

Dying happens a lotin video games. But in real life, there is no reset or continue. You never know when a stupid mistake like driving drunk could really affect the lives of those around us.

{A screenshot of the last game he was working on: Company of Heroes Online}

Disney, You Need to Stop

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Anime, video games

Okay, I forgive you for Kingdom Hearts, and you already took Marvel, so why oh why, do you have your actors in a Pokémon commercial??

Yeah, I know this came out a few weeks ago, but it still bothers me when I see it on television. Zack and Cody robots pronouncing Pokémon like it’s three words. OMG. They didn’t even say a Pokémon name! Total script reading. I swear Pikachu could do a better job, and they just need to show its face for 5 seconds.

Disney, if I see one little Mickey Mouse head appear in the Kanto region of my beloved childhood games, then you shall “engage in heated battle” with me!

*Picture by Matt K. Garner

Yeah, it’s a mouthful. And the pictures don’t make it any more pleasing. Apparently, Pong was not the first game as I originally thought. You probably did too. But did you ever think a game could get any more basic than that?

According to the history on, if you consider a video game to be “any electronic game displayed using a video output device” then this would be considered the first. That’s the reason my post has a “?” It’s based on World War II displays, and players would use knobs to adjust the trajectory of light beams, (the missiles), in an attempt to hit targets printed on clear screen overlays.

Physicists Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann came up with this idea, and by 1947, they submitted a patent for the device, a first for an electronic game. It was never released to the marketplace and no working model exists today. Bummer!

If you are truly into physics, you would know what I mean when I say that you connect a cathode ray tube (creates electronic signal) to an oscilloscope (displays electronic signal via rays of light on a monitor) and use knobs to control the angle of light traces displayed. Apparently, they were able to create a simulation of an explosion on target using a sliding contractor. Since the game doesn’t exist, I can’t show it to you. This might help: Actually, it’s kind of mesmerizing. (O_O)

You can see the patent here: It has an interesting intro, then it gets deeper and deeper into the physics. Ummm, let’s just take history’s word that it worked back then. =)

And lastly, here’s a video of me playing a user-created game of the same name. NO idea if it actually simulates the game, but it was a quick, fun 30-second shooter:

History article: