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To celebrate the season premiere of Big Bang Theory (Woo 4th Season!), here’s the awesome theme song by the Barenaked Ladies. They don’t have an official video, but this one shows cool pics with the lyrics!

Go watch the show already!

Video By: andyhookedonjesus

Song By: Barenaked Ladies


8-Bit Glee, Yipee!

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Glee Season 2 Premieres tonight at 8! If you don’t remember season 1, you can play this really awesome NES-ish version that’s loosely based on it.

I dunno why people be hatin’ on it. I guess no one appreciates a good 8-bit version of anything now. It’s actually well done! I ❤ 8-bit remixes.

HINT: It’s much more fun to play the wrong answers, ESP. “Discourage.” =)

EVERYONE at some point in their lives have been exposed to Tetris…or Brick Game with 99 Levels. You can probably find this game or a cheap version of it on any gaming medium now. Those Russians actually did something good for us! 😉

So grab a couple of drinking buddies and with all those empty to half-empty beer bottles, blow the Tetris theme!

Video By: xandabach