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To celebrate the season premiere of Big Bang Theory (Woo 4th Season!), here’s the awesome theme song by the Barenaked Ladies. They don’t have an official video, but this one shows cool pics with the lyrics!

Go watch the show already!

Video By: andyhookedonjesus

Song By: Barenaked Ladies


Song of the Day: White Knuckles

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Music

I’m always, always impressed by OK Go’s videos. Remember the one with the treadmills?? If not, I’ll show it in another post. That still amazes me to this day.

I bring this video because it was just released this week and shines in creativity with a “How the FRAK did they do that all in one take??” feeling. =D

Video By: OK Go

I’m in a video game mood this week. To celebrate the upcoming release of Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Nintendo Wii, this is a video made from the awesome sounds of Kirby with the tune of his theme. If you combine one of the cutest characters with one of the most annoying moves, you get this surprisingly catchy tune!

(Found this on Vanessa’s facebook. Thanks!)

On September 13, Mario celebrated his 25th birthday. Only 2 years older than me and still chasing after the same girl, throwing parties, go-karting, and doing ‘shrooms. What’s the very first memory I have of him? Running into a goomba and dying. OH the A Button makes you jump! (O_O)

I’ve loved Mario since the day I hit a coin block, and that delicious BLING sound penetrates the ears…and I’m still lovin’ it 25 years later. If only hitting your head on things really gave out money. =P

I didn’t have time to post a video yesterday, so I’ll be giving out two today. The Mario theme definitely has changed over the years. Enjoy!

Videos By: Headcrablol

Song of the Day: Vuvuzela Symphony

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Music

So back in the World Cup a few months ago, Vuvuzelas made their noisy way into soccer fans’ hearts. Causing quite a stir amongst regular, normal people. I mean, come on! These things are FRAKING ANNOYING! If you don’t know what they are, they’re just stupid horns that have one droning sound. Bzzzzz! I bought one for my brother at Anime Expo out of pure spite. Stupidest mistake ever!

One guy managed to make them enjoyable. Just one. Everyone else who dare attempted has failed…and will fail. =P

Video by: MysteryGuitarMan

Song of the Day: A Geeky Love (Original)

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Music

One thing you’ll find out about me is that I love music and singing! This one happens to be an original, but I’ll be posting many, many parodies too. This is probably one of the first songs I’d sing to my significant other. =)

Video by: TheOoldSoul

Sittin on my couch just you and me
I make the first move to turn on the tv
It’s late at night and your in no danger
Here in my arms as we watch power rangers
I know i’m not clever, I know i’m not smooth
But when it comes to ddr i know how to bust a move
I do this so you smile, I’m not gonna lie
I’ll keep on doing this as long as i’m your geeky guy

You could be my wonder woman I could be your superman
We can fight the crime together even when were hand in hand
I’m not much on saving worlds that don’t mean i’m a zero
Yet when you need me most i could be your guitar hero
Baby I know

I know im not the coolest or “the bomb”
but i can name every pokemon
I’ll be your mario, I’ll be your link
I’ll save your world before you even think girl

I see you giggiling giving me those little looks
im so oblivious with my nose in those comic books
Realize i fell for you long before my nintendo days
I just hope you fall for me and all of my nerdy ways
Our love is risin’, I see you smilin’
Believe me there aint a reason for cryin’
Doing everything to gain a level in your heart
But I can’t make the move until you press start

So am I just so out of date that you just wish to throw away
Am I just a bonus round that takes a part in all your games
Maybe just a pop up that you click delete from your fate
Could I be the one whos all up in your top eight
Girl I can’t wait

I cant explain this feeling you been giving me
Unknown forces makes me want to turn off my 360
Forget my wii I know that we got have this specialty to see
That love and hope will be our rope to hold til we live happily

So just for a moment be that damsel in distress
Where I can carry you within my arms and my chest
When they ask about this song I’ll say I need to show her
Why am I so in love with her even after game over