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Cease & Desist Strikes Again

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Legal, video games

You can’t get anything free nowadays. Not even free information.

In May 2009, I was so bummed to find out that the creators of a truly awesome sequel to Chrono Trigger called Crimson Echoes received a Cease & Desist letter from Square Enix saying to eliminate the production. Chrono Trigger happens to be one of my favorite games. Even the looked down upon Chrono Cross made its way into my all-time favorites. Crimson Echoes tried its best to explain the ties between the two…since a lot involves a lot of crazy connection. Much like what Kingdom Hearts is doing now. The game was 98% complete. =(

I sat through the whole 90 Youtube videos of the playthrough posted under the user name CE Memorial. I would’ve truly loved playing it. =(

AND NOW, Nintendo strikes at Pokémon fan sites. By now you probably know what the top three Pokémon look like. I believe this is all we’re going to get now until the game officially comes out for North America. I’m glad to say I saw the images of all the Pokémon before they sent out a letter saying that all images regarding Pokémon Black & White be taken down. Yes, there will be an ice cream and a chandelier Pokémon. Hahaha.

Now I’m left with a blank page of names. Like I was going to get the ROM…I’d actually buy the game. At this point, I think anyone who’d download it would just want to play it for a few hours, use a Gameshark, then quit. The true fans would buy, play, trade, and catch all 649….Then wait for Pokémon Gray. Which I’ll most likely buy. Mwahaha!

Read the full letter here:

And if you’re a Chrono freak like I am, you can watch their game here: