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I Flashed Pikachu!

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Computers

I decided to be bold this semester, to go outside my normal art boundaries. I can’t draw for crap. ┬áBest thing I created was a little scribble on the left side of my notes while my teacher droned on about differential equations and cyclohexane (Wow, I think all of my college classes meshed together in my head). Hence, I signed up for intro to Flash.

Flash has allowed us to create unique animations like Homestar Runner and Jibjab and many games (which a lot can be found on newgrounds…be warned!). You can even find some on TV, like those E-surance commercials and the cute and lovely Happy Tree Friends. Watch it. I dare you.

Coolest thing about Flash is that it’s a vector-based program meaning no matter how much you zoom in, the quality will never get pixelated. Everything will be smooth. Everyone in my class is taking it for Web or game design. Me? I’m gonna create a lot of stupid stuff and put it on the internet. Mwahaha!

Here’s an awesome video of Dan Edwards’ project The DeKay Tarot, with all the images done in Flash. It’s almost unheard of, but his designs are masterpieces! (Fast forward to the end if you don’t have the patience. Haha)

I just finished the first homework assignment. Take an image, trace it with Flash tools, and use a gradient somewhere. Voila! Look how much smoother Pikachu is. =)



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