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Anime vs. Manga

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Anime, Manga

You rarely hear anybody liking both these two mediums. Anime enthusiasts will argue that it’s more visually appealing, it’s in color, and the action is amazing. Manga enthusiasts will oppose saying that manga artwork is much more beautiful, the manga contains the true story, and the action is just as good.

Let’s say you hear about a new series. How the frak do you start…watch or read it? Well, let’s look at each medium’s strengths and weaknesses.

Production: Unless you lived in the 1990s, anime and manga are both equally produced weekly. When it started to be imported to USA, Japan was years ahead, so USA aired a couple of episodes daily, all dubbed. Now we see that it varies with network. In Japan though, they are now produced every week.

Shonen Jump: A weekly manga magazine produced in Japan.
TV Tokyo: A major Tokyo television station that specializes in Anime.

Viewing/Reading: Anime just takes a simple flip of the television, computer, or click of the play button. Watch and enjoy. The thing you have to remember about manga is that it’s read RIGHT to LEFT, TOP to BOTTOM. If that bothers you because you’ve been reading left to right your whole life, then you might as well stick with the anime.

Artwork: Manga is visually consistent. Sometimes it gets better toward more recent material. That’s because the artist is improving on technique or getting used to the format. Anime will go through many artists, and sometimes the quality can go really bad in a couple of episodes. However, you can get some pretty awesome action sequences. But color vs. black and white? That’s your call.

{Rurouni Kenshin}

Story: Anime lags behind the manga and often produces filler. An example would be Naruto. There are 100 episodes of filler before the Shippuden saga. Although it was a decent effort, the stories really sucked balls. An extreme example is Pokémon, which is 99% filler. Manga will always have the most recent story, but it takes a few chapters, about 3, to coincide with an episode of anime. If you like to be ahead, stick with the manga.

Scanlations (Translations)/Subbing (Dubbing): If you’re like me who likes authenticity, then you might as well discard any sort of American translation. They’re “ok,” but sometimes you miss a few culture things. Like in One Piece, the “Okama” way is called “O Come My Way” in USA. I’d really like to see how they come up with the transvesite kingdom translations.

You can usually find good scanlators for the manga. Scanlators are people who erase the actual manga Japanese characters in speech bubbles and translate them for English audiences. Thank heaven for people like these! Depending on the story, you’ll get a fuller dialogue and explanation with the manga since the characters are written. Although you get the occasional speech bubble that’s blank.

{One Piece}

That bothers me. =(

Subbing for the anime is a little inconsistent because of listening issues and using English. In terms of dialogue, they have a time limit of 20 minutes. Much of it (and story) must be sacrificed. However, the voices they pick for characters are usually superb. Japanese voices always sound badass! If you’re watching one with lots of girls, you can bet a lot of them will be high-pitched and whiny. 😉


{Tenchi Muyo}

Some scanlators and subbers like to use foul language and others are more restrictive. In terms of production, they usually get it within a day or two of Japanese release.

Cost: With the recent pull of onemanga and mangafox, it’s pretty hard to find a consistent place to read manga. You probably have to go to Manga-specific Web sites now. For anime, you’d either torrent it or if you’re lucky you can find a good site that streams. Just look at Watch-[insert anime title here].get. If you want to support the creators, Volumes are about $10 with 8-10 chapters and DVDs are about $20-25 with 4 episodes each. For old anime, they have box sets that could range from $20-50.

Conclusion: It all depends on what you’re willing to put time for. An episode of anime takes 23 minutes, while a chapter of manga is about 15-17 pages, usually 5 minutes each. Anime is easier to get through because it only involves putting eyes to the screen. Twenty minutes per episode is a very good deal, but if the subbers and dubbers aren’t to your liking, then you’ll have to put up with it. But it’s in color! Manga is the way to go if you like reading and don’t mind pictures that are stationary. You probably get more character and story development with the manga. In-between panels and black and white leave more to the imagination!

Me? I don’t mind either way. I for one grew up with anime, but later on I couldn’t handle the fact that some stories are inconsistent and that anime lags behind. So I started reading manga. I think for any sort of romantic / comedy stories the manga can be enough to satisfy with. However, awesome fight scenes deserve to be watched in animation. =)

Which one do you prefer? Agree or disagree about a section? Leave a comment!


Disney, You Need to Stop

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Anime, video games

Okay, I forgive you for Kingdom Hearts, and you already took Marvel, so why oh why, do you have your actors in a Pokémon commercial??

Yeah, I know this came out a few weeks ago, but it still bothers me when I see it on television. Zack and Cody robots pronouncing Pokémon like it’s three words. OMG. They didn’t even say a Pokémon name! Total script reading. I swear Pikachu could do a better job, and they just need to show its face for 5 seconds.

Disney, if I see one little Mickey Mouse head appear in the Kanto region of my beloved childhood games, then you shall “engage in heated battle” with me!

*Picture by Matt K. Garner