Kirby’s A Little Too Happy

Posted: September 27, 2010 in video games

I’m excited for the new Epic Yarn game coming out on October 17, but not THAT excited. What’s worse is that he’s peeking out of a curtain making it seem all the more suspicious…like a flasher!! Nintendo sent this picture to gamers through e-mail.

Maybe our minds have been too much in the gutter, and it’s almost impossible for us to get out (or I could be the only one. In that case pardon my immaturity). ANYTHING could seem like a phallic symbol. Ever see the box art of The Little Mermaid VHS? Google it.

Now if you look closely, something in that kingdom looks a little stiff. I actually own the VHS with this pretty picture before they “circumcised” it. =)

Seriously, what happened to Kirby??



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